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Zerobase stellt „privacy-enabled“ Tracking-Lösungen zur Verfügung

Zerobase (0base) is a smart tracing solution to inform individuals and agencies of potential COVID-19 exposure in a passive, non intrusive manner. Our secure solution allows public health officials to recreate travel chains in order to estimate exposure, notify those at risk and effectively contain community spread of the novel coronavirus. It’s free, privacy enabled, easy to use, fast to deploy, and ready now. More:

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MIT entwickelt Private-by-design Lösung zum Nachverfolgen von COVID-19 Infektionen

Private Kit: Safe Paths.  MIT-led, free, open-source and privacy-first contact-tracing technology. Provides individual users information on their interaction with #COVID19. The solution is a ‘pull’ model, see:

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Prof. Dr. Bartz-Beielstein erhält den mit 10.000 Euro dotierten Forschungspreis der TH Köln

Für seine Leistungen in Forschung und Wissenstransfer im Bereich der Computational Intelligence erhielt Prof. Bartz-Beielstein den mit 10.000 Euro dotierten Forschungspreis der TH Köln.
Für ihre Leistungen in Forschung und Wissenstransfer in den Bereichen Computational Intelligence, Rettungsingenieurwesen und Gefahrenabwehr, Konstruktionstechnik sowie Erneuerbare Energien zeichnet die TH Köln fünf Wissenschaftler aus. [Mehr lesen…]

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TEDx Talk „Why we urgently need an ArtificialIntelligence Resilient Society“: Accompanying Article Freely Available

This article (arXiv Link: accompanies the TEDx talk „Why we urgently need an AI-resilient society“, see
It lists many references and recommendations.If you have comments or additional material (e.g., links to related webpages or publications), I would be very interested in including them in an extended version of this (draft) paper.

Abstract: Artificial intelligence is considered as a key technology. [Mehr lesen…]

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Prof. Bartz-Beielsteins TEDx Talk über „AI Resilienz“ auf YouTube veröffentlicht

Der Talk wird auf YouTube wie folgt angekündigt: „Thomas, an AI scientist explains how AI brings a lot of opportunities for our society. But, what about the threats? How can we coexist with AI? Find it out.“

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