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TV Broadcast About our Partner Linearity Co., Ltd. (Japan): the Shape of the Elevator of the Future

Rope-Free, Linear Driven Elevators and Artificial Intelligence

We are in the year 2025. You are visiting the World Exhibition in Osaka, Japan, themed “Designing a Future Society for Our Lives”. You are standing in front of a skyscraper that looks like none you have ever seen before. The shape is curved and bent. In this curved skyscraper, rope-free elevators with linear drives travel, each with several cars in one of the curved shafts. The elevator cars travel vertically, horizontally or even curved. This elevator technology will revolutionize architecture and enable networked “Smart Cities”. It frees from constraints and offers possibilities beyond our imagination.

Nowadays conventional rectangular skyscrapers dominate the skylines of our big cities. Elevators with free hanging ropes are required to transport people and goods to higher floors. For these free hanging ropes, the buildings must be aligned at right angles to the surface of the earth.

The following video (in Japanese , but you can add subtitles) was broadcasted on TV last Tuesday:
It includes an interview with Prof. Markon (President and CEO of Linearity, Professor of Kobe Institute of Computing, Doctor of Engineering of Kyoto University, Councilor of Better Living).





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